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Gravity-Defying Duct Tape: Off-the-Wall Ways to Hang Around

Gravity-defying stunts to amaze and amuse you! There are two primary series, one involving a harness of duct tape and a pair of duct tape wings (I know, more spiritual references ... hate it or love it as you will) and the other involving a setup of hoops similar to a climbing wall. Click on any of the images to see a larger version.

First, the angels:

The artist next to one of his duct tape visions. This took about two and a half rolls of tape to make. Peaceful contemplation of the divine.
A heavenly friend of the artist. Another angelic compatriot.
A slightly confused angel. Fallen angel: a mournful occurrence.
The moment of an angel's fall is always dramatic. Heavenly jubilation.
Splat. Even angels aren't always serious.

And the climbing wall stuff:
Just ... another ... inch ... Rejoicing at the summit of the climb, trusty tape in hand. Who says you need to build special walls to imitate rock climbing? With duct tape, no wall is insurmountable!
How do I hang from a wall? Let me count the ways... Still hanging ... and hanging ... and hanging ...

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