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About Quirkz Media

You'd think with a title like "about this company" that someone would have a whole lot of stuff to put here, but you'd be wrong. The About Us section is actually the emptiest and most worthless of all pages on a business site. It's the place where they say things about how cool and exciting they are, without really going any deeper than some optimist aphorisms that don't really say anything to anyone, other than demonstrating if you know a few buzzwords or can maybe crack a joke or two (joke: check).

What you really want, probably, is our products and/or services, or maybe the contact page. Or, perhaps more realistically, you're looking for the humorous stuff that used to be here back when this was just a fun personal site and not a personal business site. Most of that stuff is still here, thankfully, under the Quirkz at Play section (look down and to your left ... no, not that far down ... over ... over ... up ... yeah! There!).

So anyway, here at Quirkz Media, we like to have fun while we work! We strive for excellence in a most excellent fashion, whistling all the while and smiling and laughing like a bunch of stereotypes from fifties sitcoms, because that's the kind of place we are. We're happy productive little worker drones, programmed to deliver a satisfactory product and/or experience. In our offices, never is heard a sarcastic word, and even if the skies are cloudy all day you'd never know it because our high-tech lighting system is calibrated to deliver enough brightness to fight off any and all seasonal affective disorder symptoms, and the water is spiked with heart-blasting doses of caffeine. Don't worry, though, folks, because we still sleep contentedly at night, knowing we've done our job well each and every day.

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