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Quirkz Successes

  • Using a Google image search I recently discovered my Hell image has been "borrowed" (without permission) by quite a few sources. The biggest one appeared to be a personality test which gave out the image along with a summary personality description. The site appears to be defunct now, or I would be having a word with them. One high-visibility use of the image is an entry in Uncyclopedia.
  • Twilight Heroes became notable enough to have its own Twilight Heroes Wikipedia entry.
  • Twilight Heroes was ranked as one of the best freeware RPGs (role-playing games) of 2007. The review included, "Meticulously constructed ... Ingenious, funny, and advertising-free."
  • My anti-chain letter was included in a humorous book about "people who can't take it anymore" called Life's Little Annoyances, by Ian Urbina.
  • My site was featured on a Duct Tape Guys page-a-day calendar. Oddly, nobody from that group bothered to tell me they were listing me. If a friend hadn't gotten me the calendar for a present, I never would have known about it.
  • Ode to an Oberlin Squirrel has been nearly published three times. Each time someone asked me for permission to publish it, and then just stopped communicating with me somewhere in the process. So it's a qualified success, but it's nice to be asked.
  • the bobble dali and dealer taped to a wall
  • A graduate student interviewed me for her research thesis about "Subversive Art," specifically regarding the duct tape art gallery. Though happy to talk about it, I insisted I didn't really see myself as an artist, as far as the duct tape stuff goes. She noted that's part of what makes me a subversive artist.
  • Abstract Curves 3 was requested by a South Korean group to be used in a conference. They balked at the modest price (I asked for anything larger than free, and apparently that was too much) so it was never used, to my knowledge.
  • Recovery program
  • #1 entry on Yahoo for duct tape
  • dominating the entire department's web traffic
  • Back in my college days, the duct tape art gallery actually got me a date. A girl I didn't know stumbled onto the Worst of the Web entry (see below), realized we attended the same school, and tracked me down.
  • The Duct Tape Jesus picture was featured on the Worst of the Web back in 1996.

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