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Life of Duct Tape: A Documentary

This series follows a promising piece of duct tape named Ted through the course of the first half of his life.
Teddy as a young piece of tape, happily clinging to a wall without a care in the world.
Tape: the college years. Rumpled and shaggy, but happy, Ted always thought of his time in college as some of the best years of his life.
Here's young Ted soon after graduation, on the first day at his new job. Briefcase in hand, Ted is now a proud and productive businesstape.
Ted, now married, with his wife Tina and newborn child Tommy. Congratulations Ted and Tina! How they met and the story of their courtship will perhaps be the subject of another exhibit.
Here's the young duct tape couple performing an act which can't really be mentioned on the web. Wouldn't they be embarrassed if they knew about this picture!
As is the case with a disturbing number of duct tape marriages these days, Ted's and Tina's ended in divorce. Even the nearly unbreakable chemical bond of tape on tape can't always hold up against the chaotic pressures of the outside world. In the bitter court battle, Tina gets custody of Tommy. Ted, crushed and depressed, leaves the scene only half the tape he used to be.
This is more or less the current situation in Ted's life. As new events occur, we'll be certain to include them in this pictorial biography.

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