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Critics say of the exhibit:
    "..not an image easily forgotten." -Carpeak

    "Anything to alleviate winter insanity." -Amused in Canada

    "... goes well with a fridge full of Bass Ale." -Tim

    "Absolutely Brilliant!!" - Mary
This exhibit began in 1994, with a vision. It was a small one, merely a spark of inspiration that took nearly another year of smoldering before the artist even saw the light. Two years after that initial work, the vision eventually became a raging inferno of creativity that led to the creation of this exhibit.

The vision was this: defy gravity and play with duct tape at the same time.

The initial work was modest in scope. With two rolls of duct tape and the help of three bored friends, a poor college student set about the task. The four succeeded in creating something that was simple, straightforward, aesthetically pleasing, as well as being extremely silly. A young man, supported solely by duct tape and one quite sturdy wall, hovering above the onlooking masses.

More responses to the gallery:
    "It makes me think of world domination." -Jacob

    "I just got done looking at your duct tape page and my stomach hurts...from laughing so hard" -Sara

The artist, desiring to share his vision with the world, chose to post his picture on the web, with the rationale that all of the truly important people of this decade are computer-literate. The rest are either total weenies or grandparents, the latter being excused from weeniedom in deference to their age and wisdom. The original work is here as part of the artist's first full exhibit, to provide the proper historical context for all of the later works. If you so desire, feel free to take a moment to admire the genius portrayed below and read an analysis of the picture written by the artist himself.

The Original Duct Tape Jesus

This one picture has received international acclaim for its creativity, vision, wit, humor, and crappy, scanned-image quality. There have also been a few critics, but the artist remains undaunted and positive in the face of this criticism, because apparently even a few of the computer-literate are complete weenies who have no appreciation for art.

In 1997, the artist, visions of duct tape and large walls now consuming his life, performed a ground-breaking photo shoot in the world of duct tape art. The project, which is now being referred to as the "I am the Wall-Ross" project (in honor of the Beatles) consists of an entire THREE rolls of color film recording the spectacular use of nearly FIVE rolls of duct tape! Considering fact that the artist was a poor college student at the time, this amount of material was considerable and unprecedented in the field of duct tape art, though it has likely since been surpassed.

    "You got a good idea with that duct tape."

    "One of the best web sites I have been to" -Adrian
After a few months of private screenings, the Wall-Ross project was unveiled in april of 1997 so that the eyes of the public could also be able to bask in the glory of the completed work.

The exhibit is divided into five collections:

The Life of Duct Tape (A photo scrapbook of one piece of tape's life.)

Gravity-defying Tape (Off-the-wall ways to hang on a wall.)

Duct Tape and the World (What the world should be like.)

Miscellaneous Shots (Random pictures of our antics during the shoot.)

Comments from the Critics

Among its acclaims, this site was featured on an Australian television program, Recovery sometime in mid 1997! They were even kind enough to send me a tape of the broadcast. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to view it, due to the difference between US recording methods and Australian format. However, I could hear the hostess discussing the site. Her conclusion: "So now you see how idiots can become heroes." I've had better reviews, I suppose.

There are a lot of people I'd like to thank for helping me with all of this. So many, in fact, that I've made an entire page for my acknowledgements and credits.

The artist welcomes any questions or comments about the Wall-Ross project, the duct tape Jesus photo, or any other topic, though he denies all rumors that there will be an Egg-Man project in the near future. However, plans for a third duct tape extravaganza are in the works...

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