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Aknowledgements and Credits

My thanks first and foremost to my good friend Eric Peters, who participated in the entire photo shoot. The inspiration for a good number of these photos came from him, as did a lot of the camera work. If a few of the pictures came out fuzzy, well, I'm sure it was all in the name of art. But without Eric's continued enthusiasm, I wouldn't have done half this much.

Thanks also to Joshua Kempner and Timothy Learmonth, friends and fellow physics majors who helped out with the Wall-Ross project. They both helped with the photography and got to pose a little, too. Josh has also been invaluable in providing me with Photoshop advice, HTML tricks and the occasional use of his computer.

I also want to thank all of you out there who saw the original Duct Tape Jesus and emailed me comments and encouragement. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to know that I've amused, delighted, or wierded-out so many people. It's because of all your comments that the Wall-Ross project actually happened. I realize that I haven't always been very good about replying to my email, so if I somehow missed you before, I'd like to say now that your responses were truly appreciated.

Thanks also to the residents of German House at Oberlin College who let my angel wing harness hang in their classroom for three months before I actually got around to using it. I never thought it would take that long!

Lastly, my thanks to all of you who have visited the Gallery since its humble beginnings in 1997. To this day, the comments and feedback that I receive regarding the site continue to warm my heart and make me smile. Thanks so much, and keep coming back for new material.

Thanks everyone! May the tape be with you.
-Ross Patty

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