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Comments from the Critics

Critics Rave about the Gallery!

Some of the responses I've gotten back have been even better than the exhibit itself. Here's a compilation of some of the more humorous or unusual responses to my site. If I've quoted you here and you have an objection to this, then contact me and I'll take your quote off, but I'll be hurt. If I've quoted you here and you'd like me to add a link to your web pages, I'd be happy to do so.

Of course, the quotes here are mostly positive. Who would want to spend time reading real criticism? But really, I've only gotten a few negative comments, which just goes to show how intelligent, good-humored, and wacky all of you are.

Last thing. (Really.) Besides the comments below, I've also gotten a couple requests for the Duct Tape Jesus picture from a collector of Christ images, one good natured recommendation that I get a haircut, several more adamant demands that I don't dare cut my hair, a proposition from a gay man with a proclivity for "men in helpless positions," another proposition from a man who has a thing for tickling feet, two or three pardons from Christians who think Jesus probably wouldn't mind the picture, praise from an "alien life form" who plans to conquer the globe and bring me back to her home planet, two requests from women that I be the father of their children, and a handful of messages so strange I don't know what they were about. Keep 'em comin'!

Dude, you are seriously messed up! ... GROOVY! -Horseboy

just think of all those poor little ducks in the world that will have to go without tape cause you used all their DUCK tape! -Dennis

Try safety pinning yourself to the wall. I'm sure that will be much more painful. -Kelly

Just saw the duct tape site. Just thought that it is a fitting and appropriate monument to the spirit of Red Green. Said another way, goes well with a fridge full of Bass Ale. Good stuff. -Tim

I know people must be cursing your photo, but I think it's a real buzz. Wish I could have been there to help tape you up. -Lindsay

duct tape and jesus, a winning combo. if i ever get my home page up, you get a link. -Joseph

It's very impressive, from a duct tape point of view, and graphically arresting, and provoking, and I'm sure that you set out to do all of that when you first conceived the idea anyway, so from an artistic point of view, I'd say it was pretty successful, all told. From a Christian point of view, I have to admit that you've come closer to experiencing the physical sufferings of Christ than I ever have, so there you go. I won't go so far as to say "keep up the good work," but I will say thanks for the laugh and God bless you! - A Jesus Freak

Duct tape is the best April Fools joke as well. -Anonymous

This is the dumbest, most sacreligious, most annoying thing I have yet seen on the web. . . . I like it! Stay creative! -a teacher & grandma

I just got done looking at your duct tape page and my stomach hurts from laughing so hard!!! I just love it!!! -Sara

As a C programmer, hacker, linux nut, philosopher, poet, quantum cosmologist and alcoholic, your art appeals to me :P -Anonymous

Nice page! BTW, you should start a links page (just so I can possibly get my page linked from your page =) - Greg

I was completely impressed with your duck tape art gallery! How in the world did you ever get permission to do that? you completely amazed me! haahaa, where DID you come up with the List of things that won't sell? You're such a riot! Better let you go so you can come up with more amazing things... bye!!! And thanks for the entertainment. -Jodi

Have you ever considered using colored duct tape for some of your fashions? You could have a itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka duct bikini, or blue duct shoes. Earrings and necklaces in red, white, blue or green. Just think of the possibilities for expansion! -marilyn

My husband built a model USS Missouri out of duct tape. -Pam

Cool web page. As an independent artist I would also like to mention that your work has a good sense of movement, due to line variation. Depth produced by the contrast of textures in the wall and tape provides great interest in your piece. It contains a style, that is... well...brilliant! ;) Keep up the masterpieces, maybe this will be the new Renaissance. -Sharon

Nice site. It makes me think of world domination. -Jacob

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