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Ode to an Oberlin Squirrel

In the Fall of '93, there was an incident involving one of the Oberlin squirrels and a power line. For whatever reason, this event inspired me to write what is probably my best piece of poetry so far.

This was almost my first published creative work—three times. The first time, I was working for the newspaper that might have printed it, so they passed so as not appear like they were favoring the staff. Twice there was a lapse of communication, and the printing fell through. So I still remain unpublished. Sigh.

Ode to an Oberlin Squirrel

With eyes black and bright,
curious but filled with fright,
and a tail brown and bushy,
attached to his little tushy,
the squirrel ran out to play.

Here and there it scampered,
its fun could not be hampered,
until in his great felicity,
12 million volts electricity,
came barreling his way.

The post was big, he was fast,
lines ahead, he zoomed past.
With a pounce he took flight,
landed sure-footed and light,
and seared his poor life away.

Lights dimmed, alarms rang out,
students began to point and shout
as the squirrel quickly fried.
Alas, the brave squirrel has died,
and for his little soul I pray.

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