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So Tomorrow ...

So tomorrow I will live, neither frightened nor in pain,
striving with all I can give, until the day that I wane.
Though the toil, it never ends, my soul the heights aspires.
My body, always it mends, my mind has all it desires,
like the memory so strong of that melodic night breeze,
playing for me the sweet song of the rain and wind and the trees.

So tomorrow I will love, the stars and moon and the sun,
praising the heavens above for each day that's come and gone,
and each marvelous wonder that brings us awe and delight,
from the flash and the thunder, the lapping ocean at night,
finding a place to belong, to the warm smile of a friend,
or the gentle sylvan song, of the trees and rain and the wind.

And if tomorrow I die, after all that has been said,
never for me should you cry, of passing I'm not afraid.
When my time comes I may sigh, for there's more left to be done,
but away my soul will fly in quiet resignation.
And for nothing will I long, 'cause such wishes are in vain,
'cept to hear again the sweet song of the wind and trees and the rain.

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