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Anti-Chain Letter

This is not a chain letter. Do not send it on. This is merely an attempt to viciously wreak an unwarranted act of silliness upon the world.

This letter will have no effect on your destiny whatsoever. If you send it on, it will be true that you sent this letter. If you do not send it on to six other people, then you will not have sent it on. The people who do not receive it will not know that they might have received this letter, had they received this letter. In fact, other than reading this letter and sending it on or not doing so, it will have no effect on any person's life.

For example, Linda Matthews of Birmingham, Alabama did not recieve this letter, and her life continued from that moment totally unaffected. On the other hand, Christopher Hill of Detroit, Michigan, did receive this letter. He did not send it on, and recieved a raise, which had nothing to do with this letter. Three days later, in another event totally unrelated to this letter, his father died of a heart attack.

Brian Graver of Tuscon, Arizona received this letter and sent it on to six of his friends. Because of this, his friends received the letter. Brian's life immediately changed in no fashion whatsoever, until he made changes in his life.

This letter was originally written in 1966 by a class of blind Japanese school children in a small village in Germany, late one night during a solar eclipse. The children mailed it to six people whom they knew, all of whom decided not to send it to anyone else.

As of 1990, three billion people had not received this letter, and it had been sent around the world fifteen times by people who decided not to pass it on. Now the letter has come to you, and you have the opportunity to pass it on, if you so desire, though you have no real reason to send it to six other people.

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